LG app syncs your phone to Windows 10 PCs without Microsoft’s help

Virtoo fills in where Your Phone falls short.

lg virtoo windows 10 phone sync app

Credit: LG
  • LG has released a Virtoo app that syncs its phones with Windows 10 PCs.
  • You can handle calls, texts, and even Android apps on your computer.
  • Not every model supports syncing. however.

LG isn’t waiting for Microsoft to update Your Phone to support its handsets. Softpedia reports that LG has quietly released a Virtoo app (Android, Windows) that can sync its phone lineup with Windows 10 PCs.

As you’d expect, the sync app brings calls, contacts, and text messages to your Windows PC’s screen. You can even mirror your screen to run Android apps directly from your computer. These aren’t radical features, but they simply weren’t available for LG phone users before — this fills much of the gap.

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Whether or not your particular phone will sync with a Windows PC isn’t clear. The Android app supports phones running 5.0 Lollipop and later, but LG cautioned that some devices “may not support” Virtoo or some of its functions. We’ve asked LG for a detailed compatibility list, but it’s safe to say that a recent phone like the Velvet is more likely to work than a years-old budget model.

If it does run for you, however, it could be an important app. With many people still working from home during the pandemic, you might sit in front of your PC much more often than your phone — the Windows sync utility can help you keep tabs on your mobile life without having to reach for your handset.

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