New Eufy RoboVacs have a splash of color to bring some style to your cleaning

Eufy Robot Vacuum CES 2021 L80

Credit: Eufy
  • There’s a new Eufy robot vacuum: the Eufy RoboVac L80. It’s got a nice splash of color on its top.
  • The L80 also has a hybrid version with a mopping feature, known as the L80 Hybrid.
  • The L80 is expected to cost $550 (or $600 for the hybrid) and land in March 2021.

When you buy a robot vacuum, you’re usually stuck with one design choice: a big, black hockey puck. Sometimes you’ll have the option of getting a white model instead, but that’s about the end of your choices in this realm.

Thankfully, Eufy just launched a new premium robot vacuum at CES 2021 that has — gasp! — a tiny bit of color on it. The Eufy RoboVac L80 is the follow-up to the popular L70 launched in 2019.

Eufy Robot Vacuum: Higher suction and looking great

The L70 vacuum was the first from Eufy with an optional mopping ability. It was also the first with home mapping, which allows you to tell the vacuum to clean certain rooms as well as more efficiently clean those rooms.

The new Eufy robot vacuum in the L80 series takes those features to the next level. It comes with the second-gen version of AI Map Technology, which is what the vacuum uses to map out your home. It also has laser navigation to help figure out the most efficient route and detect stairs and other trouble spots. That laser also will help prevent the vacuum from repeatedly pounding into your expensive furniture legs.

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The L80 model also has 2 x 2000Pa suction. That handily beats the single 2200Pa suction of the L70 model. Eufy claims this will give you nearly 58% more efficiency in tough tasks such as grabbing pet hair.

The Eufy RoboVac L80 is set to cost $550. The hybrid model with the mopping feature will add a bit more to that price and top out at $600. In other words, these won’t be cheap, but they represent the top-of-the-line for Eufy.

You should be able to grab one of these in March 2021.