Poll: Are streaming services recommending shows you actually want to watch?

Are the likes of Netflix and Prime Video actually suggesting interesting content for you? Take our poll in the article!

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix - apps on Pixel 3 XL phone

Credit: Amazon

The pandemic means that we’re staying in more than ever, and so hopping on your favorite video streaming service seems like second nature for many consumers. But finding content to watch can be increasingly difficult as the months go by.

Many streaming services offer recommendations based on a subscriber’s watch history and interests though, theoretically helping users find quality content they may have missed. But does this work in practice as well? Are these recommendations actually finding content that you want to watch?

Personally, I haven’t really been drawn to personalized recommendations when I do use Netflix. But that could also be down to the fact that I don’t use the service very often to begin with. What about you though? Take our poll below and leave a comment!

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