TunnelBear For Torrenting

TunnelBear for torrenting become the leading VPN providers in Canada and the biggest VPNs. Recently bought by McAfee, which is the online security giants’ company offers the accessible, reliable VPN service on every major platform with the best reputation that bypass the geo-blocking measures.
Among the things which you need to note with the TunnelBear is the location. Of late, Canada has been the top stories of being notorious of the hostility to peer when downloading it in the past. In 2015, government of Canada passed the new range of laws precisely targeting the illegal downloads.
Because of this, ISPs were needed by the law to send the letters to the users found downloading the copyrighted materials. But the courts were not given the new powers that were used to send the torrenters to jail together with the copyright holders who were not actually given the new ways of suing the offenders.
Though, there was the nasty surprise amongst the laws of the year 2015. They even demanded that ISPs and VPNs keep logs that could allow an identity of a person of whom an electronic location belongs can be determined. 

The policy of TunnelBear torrenting 

It is clear that TunnelBear torrenting is not the VPN which needs to promote the torrent downloads, and also it is not optimized for this particular purpose. Absence of the torrenting on the website of VPN is not accidental. When internet laws that were passed, the TunnelBear choose to block the user from accessing the P2P downloads.
Instead of logging the torrents and also going against the core values which they have, TunnelBear choose to block the quasi-legal activities by focusing to provide the fast, and lightweight VPN which is for the online reasons.
For long there was the door which was left open to allow P2P downloads in future upto 2017 when the TunnelBear website clearly cited the complaints from the content providers and tried to explain the stance of VPN on the user privacy. Though, you will struggle when finding out the explanation of the position on torrents of the TunnelBear. This means that this VPN is demanding to attract the users who need to torrent, but they are unaware of the blocking practices of TunnelBear. 
In a summary, the TunnelBear has various drawbacks for the torrents that make it the no-go for the P2P downloading. With the VPNs around which cater more efficiently to the needs of torrenters, which it seems it is wiser when you look for the privacy tool which is different. But before you can do that, you need to remember the two important things concerning TunnelBear for torrenting:

1. Installing the VPN does not make the torrenting software to run through it in an automatic manner. You will be required to manual configure it that it can be done easily following the instruction on the website service.

2. VPN will protect you if you choose to watch the Game of the Thrones season 8 as you download torrent. You are supposed to be aware of the malware which might pose the long-awaited S8E1.