Leaked Galaxy S21 cases show how you’ll protect your future phone

These are renders of official first-party Samsung Galaxy S21 cases. You’ll be protecting your phone in style!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 1

Credit: MySmartPrice
  • A leak appears to have revealed Samsung’s whole Galaxy S21 case line.
  • Many familiar S20 designs are back, including the LED View Cover and the eco-friendly Kvadrat cases.
  • They’re expected to launch alongside the S21 family in mid-January.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is already one of 2021’s worst-kept secrets, but that now extends to the cases you’ll use to protect those phones. MySmartPrice claims to have leaked images for the brunt of the Galaxy S21 case line, and it suggests many of the more distinctive S20 options will come back for the new devices.

Samsung Galaxy S21 cases

Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 4
Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 3
Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 2
Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases 1

The leaked Samsung images show standard and LED View flip cases for those who want to protect the Galaxy S21 screen. You could also expect the Clear Standing Cover and rugged Protective Standing Cover if you like to prop up your phone for videos.

And if you’re more interested in a conventional case for the Galaxy S21, Samsung will give you a wide choice of materials. The expected silicone and leather options will reportedly be joined by eco-friendly Kvadrat Covers for the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

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Notably, it’s not immediately clear that Galaxy S21 Ultra cases will include a slot to accommodate the expected, if optional, S-Pen support. The images don’t rule out the slot (most of the shots are for standard and Plus cases), but you may have to buy specific cases or even turn to third parties for a convenient stylus carrier.

Provided the leak is accurate, you’ll likely see these cases debut alongside the Galaxy S21 family at Samsung’s launch event, possibly slated for January 14. It’s not certain if all of them will be readily available on day one. However, there’s a good chance you won’t be hurting for selection if there’s an S21 in your future.