Review 2020: Security Boss Door For a Dog

Doors for dogs will give freedom and independence to your pet. Many owners of private homes have their favorite pets.

Who Might Need a Dog Door?

Walking animals sometimes becomes a serious problem, and an excellent way out of this situation is to install a door for dogs that will allow your pet to freely go outside. Modern pet doors are sold already mounted in the door, you only need to know the size and shape.

Each dog owner can find the right door for a particular breed and can easily be installed on an existing front or inner door. We suggest paying attention to the security boss dog door, which has earned the trust of buyers.

Security Door Boss For Dogs

The Boss security door is designed for sliding glass and full-panel swing glass doors. This door for dogs has identical components that can be found in the popular MaxSeal fastening model but is designed for glasses of various thicknesses.

Such a glass door for dogs has a low-profile exterior frame to avoid any interference with the sliding glass patio door frames. This energy-efficient dog door can be installed in single, double or triple glazing, as well as in commercial varieties.

What door options does the Security Boss offer?

Ten sizes and ten color frame options are available with the option to order your inner frame in a different color than your outer frame for free.

One or two valve options are available; a two-valve model is highly recommended for superior insulation. The single valve version can be used in very temperate climates when insulation is not required. All components of this dog door are repairable, so you can keep your dog’s door in perfect shape at all times.

Characteristics of Doors for Dogs Security Boss

  • Doors are designed to insulate, seal and ensure the security of your home.
  • They have more R-Value than two-pane windows – R-Value is an indicator of energy efficiency
  • Go in the door with a wall-mounted, or with a door to the terrace
  • They will match standard house doors.
  • They will correspond to walls from 2 to 10 inches thick.
  • They come with a UV treated vinyl flap and 1/2 inch thick composite cover plate.
  • The valve is exposed to weathering, which means that it remains flexible at temperatures exceeding -20 degrees
  • The valve closes with a magnetic lock.
  • There is a bolt with a lock
  • Single or double valve option
  • Small to Huge
  • The small size has a hole of 6 inches wide and 7.5 inches high
  • The size of the hippo has a hole of 15.75 inches wide and 32 inches high
  • There are black or white frames to choose from
  • The installation instructions and specifications on the Security Boss site are quite extensive and specific.

Among the shortcomings can be identified as the high cost of such doors. Also, quality often costs a lot of money, so it’s sometimes easier to buy something once, but of good quality, than to spend several times on something of poor quality.

Summing Up

In general, you cannot be satisfied with the quality of these doors. They are very well built, easy to install, work well in cold weather and snowy areas, and are also protected by a sliding safety panel. However, the cost is quite high. The PetStore store has high-quality doors from various manufacturers at affordable prices.