Total AV: Is It Safe to Use?

The modern powerful antivirus Total AV has had its ups and downs. The early versions were rather controversial and caused quite a discussion. However, the developers accepted the criticism and used it for their benefit. The software was improved and became very popular. Let’s learn more about things you can expect from buying this antivirus as well as answer the question: is Total AV safe?

The General Overview

Total AV uses the SAVAPI anti-malware engine. It delivers high-quality protection for your device. You can install the program on basically any well-known operating system including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. The support of the latter two means you may get an app for your tablet or smartphone and feel safe browsing the Internet.

Aside from malware protection, a user gets several other perks. For instance, Total AV has a personal firewall and identity protection utilities. What’s more, the developer offers a safe browser and optimization tools. The latter include:

  • Disk Cleaner,
  • System Boost, etc.

Together, they are sure to maintain the smooth performance of your device as well as complete protection. Now we should focus on how secure this antivirus is.

Top 8 security measures you’ll experience with Total AV:

  1. Great malware removal engine which eliminates threats, viruses, adware, etc.
  2. The program lets you schedule scans manually. Just adjust the settings for your convenience.
  3. The anti-spyware tool keeps tabs on your online activities and blocks threats that aim to steal your personal information like passwords, banking details, etc.
  4. Web protection comes as a part of the bundle. It implies that all the sites you visit and the downloads you start are scanned for malware.
  5. Anti-phishing tools prevent you from getting to the phishing sites and similar scams.
  6. Total AV now comes with Real-Time Protection that runs in the background and monitors your system. This feature is sure to block threats and viruses before they get to your device.
  7. Every version of the program comes with a password manager. It’s very simple and convenient as you can store all your passwords and be sure they are secure.
  8. A VPN is a great addition to secure your anonymity and enhance your security online. The tool encrypts the connection and the exchanged data to stop any third-party sources from getting this information.

Other tools to protect your confidentiality

Total AV approaches users’ protection from different aspects. Aside from the measures you’ve seen above, the program comes with 3 other utilities that are likely to help you stay safe online.

Firstly, it’s AdBlocker. While you may also install it separately, some versions already include it in the bundle. It’s the most convenient and reliable way to hide different ads from the sites you visit. Keep in mind that it hides all the ads except the ones that were added by the site’s owner. Such banners are considered a part of the site and aren’t blocked.

Secondly, you’ll get a Safe Site tool. When you go online and ask Google (or any other searching engine) for something, you’ll get a list of sites. The utility in question scans them all and sends you warnings in case you try opening suspicious sources.

Final Word

At the end of the day, Total AV is worth your attention as it delivers great protection with a bundle of extra tools. It’s a complex solution that secures not only malware protection but deals with spyware, adware, etc. You’ll get webcam protection, a VPN, and several tools for online anonymity & safety. If you are interested in Total AV, you can get the free version and upgrade whenever you want.